Selecting The Best Men’s Duffle Bag 2021

best men's duffle bagsNo matter what you plan on using your duffle bag for, you want to get a high-quality bag. After all, there is nothing worse than being in the middle of a vacation, a trip to the gym, or somewhere else and having your bag randomly break on you, spilling its contents everywhere. If you choose from one of the best men’s duffle bags choices, this will never be a concern. Your bag will fit whatever you need to take with you, keep it organized, and last, eliminating any fears of spilled items.

Comparison table of  best men’s duffle bags

Product imageBrand nameBag weightPriceRating
LiveWell 3603 lbs$$4.8
LiveWell 3602 lbs$$4.7
Claire ChaseNot listed$$$4.6
Helly HansenNot listed$$4.6
Black Rivet Not listed$$4.0
FlotoNot listed$$4.0

Detailed review of best men’s duffle bags

To make it even easier to find the best men’s duffle bag, consider one of the following options. Each can stand up to years of wear and tear while providing the style and functionality you need.

#1 – The Luxx from LiveWell 360

good duffle bag for men

Whether you want the best men’s duffle bag for the gym, traveling, or something else, the Luxx can deliver it. This bag is stylish with its exterior in white, blue, or black and a Crimson Red lining. As a bonus, this lining also makes it much easier to spot items within the bag as they will contrast nicely with the color. The Luxx works well as a weekender, meaning you can fit everything you need for a weekend getaway, or perhaps even a weeklong one depending on what you need. This bag is also great for hitting the gym, or just ensuring you can take your gym gear with you on vacation.

If you need to take an extra pair of shoes with you, you will appreciate the separate vented compartment that holds shoes as well as dirty clothes. Use that spot so your already worn items don’t get everything dirty following a workout or while on vacation. As you explore the bag, you will notice 11 smart pockets for small items like your headphones or keys along with a designated compartment, complete with padding, for your laptop or tablet. The bag is made from premium ballistic nylon that can withstand elements and the removable strap is adjustable and features padding for extra comfort. This bag is also perfect if you are looking to buy a gym bag with a separate shoe compartment.

#2 – The CORE 2.0 from LiveWell 360

This medium-sized duffle is an excellent option for men who want a lightweight bag that can hold everything they need. Its design is nice and sleek, even when packed full, making it easy to carry and appear professional. The back padding is leather for a touch of class and comfort while the strap is made using soft material like that of a seatbelt, ensuring durability as well as comfort. The interior of this bag is spacious, especially considering how sleek it is. The large interior zip pocket is perfect for organization, so you never have to wonder where something is.

For those who plan on using the bag to travel or hit the gym, there is a vented expandable pocket designed to hold sweaty or dirty clothes, keeping them separate from other items. The exterior also has a water bottle pocket for simple hydration. You will find a convenient magnetic slip pocket to fit your phone. Take advantage of the large front zippered pocket to grab items quickly. If you have a tablet or laptop, you will appreciate this duffle’s interior padded compartment. For added convenience, the bag is easy to clean and comes with a shoe bag so other items don’t get dirty. It also resists odors and water.

#3 – Claire Chase Hampton’s Duffel

stylish men's duffle bags


For a stylish duffle bag that can easily make others jealous, consider this Claire Chase Hampton’s product. It is made from 100 percent leather, giving you a classic, high-end feel and appearance. The interior is completely lined to protect the leather from damage while also protecting your items. That interior is nice and spacious, holding everything you need for the gym, a weekend getaway, or something else. The zippers are heavy-duty and go around completely, making it simple to access the interior.

For added organization and convenience, there are two spacious front pockets featuring magnetic closures along with two side zippered pockets found on either side of the bag. These are more than large enough for a book or two or other similarly thick items. It even comes with a leather ID tag so everyone knows this bag is yours and the adjustable shoulder strap is leather as well. Although this particular product is the color Saddle, you can also get it in Black, Café, Reg Black, or Reg Café, depending on your preference. Reviewers consistently praise the quality and durability of this duffle, including its ability to carry heavy books, laptops, and more.

#4 – Helly Hansen Workwear Men’s Duffel Bag 120L

This is a unique option among the best men’s duffle bag as can be carried as a traditional duffle or as a backpack depending on your mood and personal preference. The straps are padded for comfort and there is a convenient carry handle as well. The fabric is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about a surprise rainstorm damaging the items you carry inside. In fact, one reviewer says that he had it in the back of his truck during a rainstorm and while the exterior got wet, everything inside was completely fine. You can also wash this bag in the machine, making maintenance incredibly easy.

The exterior pocket features a zipper to hold items you need readily available, such as your phone. Inside the main compartments, you will find two mesh pockets that allow for additional organization, letting you separate your items however you want. The bag is well-made, fitting 120 liters of items and supporting their weight, even if you choose to carry heavier items. The design also has some nice touches, including straps on the side that can be tightened to compress the bag if it isn’t full.

#5 – Black Rivet Mens, Womens Distressed Leather Duffel

classic duffel bag for men

This duffle has a stylish appearance made from 100 percent genuine leather with a distressed style to add to its appeal. The metal hardware has a complementary distressed appearance along with an antique brass finish to match the overall design. The base of the bag is structured so it can easily support the weight of whatever you put inside. The top closure zips shut for security and easy access. Inside, you will find a zip-across pocket to let you organize your items however you want. Further interior organization comes via the organizer panel with four card slots and a cell phone sleeve. In other words, you can put important items in the duffle and leave your wallet.

Choose to carry the bag however you want. The 42-inch adjustable shoulder strap includes a pad so the weight of the bag won’t dig into your shoulder. Or you can use the two rolled carry handles, each of which has their own drop. Since the bag is leather, it looks good with other leather products and is made to high standards. Stitching is reinforced for added durability, as with other products from this brand.

#6 – Floto Unisex Leather Travel Bag

good duffel bag

Although this is the most expensive of the best men’s duffle bag options, it is worth it for those who can afford the bag. It is made from genuine Italian Polished Calfskin Leather for a sleek appearance that cannot be matched. To make it even more unique and worth the price, this product comes personalized with your custom initials embossed. This is done with aluminum die letters that are heated then pressed into the leather for blind embossing. For further customization, you can choose from one of eight colors and either stainless steel or brass hardware.

The shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry and is detachable. When in place, you can adjust it between 42 and 48 inches so the duffle works well for people of various heights. Inside the spacious bag, you will find a 7×18 zip sleeve that serves as a tablet pocket. Overall, the bag measures 20 by nine by 12 inches. The bag is made in Italy, so you can count on its quality and that most people around you will not have the same duffle. The construction is high-quality with reviewers raving about the bag’s durability. The interior lining also adds a nice contrast to the rich exterior while making it easy to spot items.

Top Features Of The Best Men’s Duffle Bags

In your search for the best men’s duffle bags, you will want to carefully think about your requirements as well as what features help each bag stand out from the crowd. Keep these factors in mind.

How You Use The Bag

The very first thing to think about when searching for a duffle bag is how you plan to use it. If you want a duffle for work, your requirements will be very different than someone who wants one for the gym. Similarly, someone who just wants to fit a single set of gym clothes inside a bag will need a much smaller duffle than a person who needs something for a weeklong trip. How you plan to use the bag will influence the importance of the other features, particularly size. That is why this list of the best men’s duffle bags helps you.

Adjustable Strap

No matter the size of duffle bag you choose, you should always confirm that it has an adjustable strap. This allows you to shorter or lengthen it to meet your preferred height, minimizing the strain on your back and shoulders at all times.

Padded Strap

The best straps will also feature padding so they do not cut into your skin, even if the bag is fully loaded. After all, you don’t want a deep red mark on your shoulder after carrying the duffle for just a few minutes.


Some men care about the style and overall appearance of their duffle bag while others don’t. If this is important to you, consider the colors you want and other factors. If you plan to use your duffle for work, for example, you probably want something that appears professional and is a solid, neutral color.

Interior Space

Going back to your planned use for the duffle, take some time to think about how much interior space you need. The best men’s duffle bag comes in a range of sizes, so you can find one that is perfect for just your work gear, one for just a day of working out, one that holds extra athletic gear like tennis rackets, or one that fits everything you need for an extended vacation. Carefully contemplate what you plan to take with you and how much room it needs. Options to consider include water bottles, food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, towels, workout gear, work items, and laptops.


The best bags will keep your stuff organized in some way you can find items in seconds, even if the bag is large or full. Pay attention to the various organizational options and ensure the duffle you select has at least a few smaller pockets for things like your phone or keys. Also contemplate whether you want a specific pocket for certain things. Some bags will have unique sections for laptops, tablets, shoes, dirty clothes, wet items, water bottles, or even food. Check out our review of best gym bags with laptop compartment.


There are several different materials that best men’s duffle bags can be made from, ranging from high-quality ballistic nylon to leather to sturdy canvas. Consider whether you have a preference as to material and what that is. Perhaps you prefer the look of a certain material or like the care instructions for it.


Don’t forget to ensure that the duffle you choose is durable. You want a bag with high-quality materials, including fasteners, zippers, and more. With reinforced seams and other extra-strength features, you won’t have to worry about your bag breaking in an unexpected situation.


With a clear idea of what the best men’s duffle bag can look like, all that’s left for you to do is select which option you prefer. No matter the one you choose, you will be able to hit the gym, go on vacation, go camping, carry your work gear, or do anything else you need with ease.

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