Best Gym Bags With Shoe Compartment 2021

In the search for a gym bag, some features are more important than others, and one of these most crucial is a shoe compartment. While some people wear their sneakers to the gym, the majority have a dedicated pair for working out. This helps them last longer and lets you work out right after work, school, or other activities. While many bags have room for shoes, the best gym bags with shoe compartment is hard to find when there are so many choices available in the market. The ideal one should have multiple great features in addition to that shoe section.

Below is our detailed review, comparison chart and all the factors you should consider before purchasing a gym bag that has a shoe compartment.

Comparison chart of best gym bags with shoe compartments

Product image Brand nameWeightPriceRating
LiveWell 3603 lbs$$4.9
GUDNot listed$$4.8
LugNot listed$4.5
Keep PursuingNot listed$$4.5
Thule 2.5 lbs$$4.3
Apera 1.9 lbs$4.5

The Best Gym Bags With Shoe Compartments To Check Out

Now that you have an idea of which features to pay attention to, check out these available bags. Each of them tick off the requirements on the average checklist and is made to last.

#1 – The Luxx from LiveWell 360

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I have personally used this bag and it is one of the best ones I have ever had. This bag has a big shoe compartment and is extremely sturdy because it is made out of ballistic nylon. It is durable and tough but at the same time, it looks great. The interior is spacious enough to fit an entire week’s worth of items if you wanted to use it like that. It has a whopping 13 compartments for your convenience. You can fit all your gym clothes, your shoes, your towel, toiletries, makeup, hair styling tools, and more. The shoe compartment is spacious enough to fit laundry as well so those with large or wide feet should not have a problem fitting their footwear inside. This compartment is ventilated so you don’t have to worry about the odor.

There are thirteen smart pockets within the bag, perfect for smaller items like your cell phone or headphones. Your keys can also get their own designated spot so they are easy to grab. If you need to keep a laptop or tablet with you, take advantage of the padded compartment so it won’t get damaged. The bag is TSA compliant to save you time during any travels. The bag is also designed to last, made from premium ballistic nylon that can withstand daily use without any problems. The hardware is also durable, with reinforced metal and therefore it is in our list of best gym bags with shoe compartment.

If you are looking for a backpack that can be used in gym as well as office/school then check out the Backpack by Live Well 360. Also, check out this list of best backpacks with shoe compartment.

#2 –GUD Athletic Tote Sports/Gym Backpack With Separate Shoes Compartment, Black

top gym bag with shoe compartment

Second bag in our list of best gym bags with show compartment is this truly versatile bag that you can use to carry your gym gear while keeping your shoes separate, consider this one from GUD. The separate shoe compartment is at the bottom and features ventilation grommets so air is constantly moving, preventing the buildup of foul odors. In addition to the sneaker compartment, this bag also features a laptop sleeve that can hold a 15-inch device. That comes via a floating padded sleeve, which means you can move it around to organize the interior of the main compartment however you want.

The exterior is made from 1000D nylon for durability while the bottom is extra durable, padded, and water-resistant to prevent damage. The back panel of the bag has air mesh so you will not get overheated while carrying it. This bag can be carried as either a tote or a backpack depending on your personal preference, and the straps are padded so your shoulders or hands won’t become uncomfortable. There are additional interior storage sections for organization and a waist clip for added support when using it as a backpack. The interior of the bag has a polyester lining that can withstand regular use and is a vibrant neon green, contrasting nicely with the black exterior and making it easy to spot items inside.

#3 –Lug Boxer Gym Overnight Bag

good rated gym bag with shoe compartment

If you like camo prints, then this Lug product can be the best gym bag with shoe compartment. The exterior is camo olive and the bag is overall 14 inches high and 15 wide, the perfect size for your basic gym gear. The shoulder strap is adjustable and padded so you will always be comfortable when carrying it. The shoe compartment is separate so your sneakers won’t get other items dirty, and this pocket is ventilated to help dissipate scents. For further organization, you will find five different exterior compartments, each with their own zipper. This way, you can separate your items however you want.

The front zippered compartment has even more organization as it includes cargo pockets, pen holders, and card holders. If you prefer not to use the adjustable shoulder strap, you can use the luggage strap instead. This is also useful when traveling as it will slide right onto a standard suitcase handle. When you hit the gym, you will appreciate the hidden water bottle holder. Another nice thing about this bag is that its design allows it to sit upright, meaning it will not fall over while in your gym locker, instead staying where you put it.

#4 –KP Duffel – Blank Duffel Bag, Duffel Sport Gear Bag, Travel Size Weekender Bag With Shoe Compartment, Rooftop Rack Bag

perfect gym bag with shoe compartmentIf you are willing to spend a bit more on your gym bag or simply want it to work well as a travelling bag as well, this duffel is a very good option. The shoe compartment is ventilated so your other clothing will always sell fresh. The interior of the bag is incredibly spacious, so you will have no problem fitting everything you need for the gym inside, even if that includes shoes, clothes, a towel, toiletries, hair styling tools, lunch or a snack, and more.

For those times that you plan on traveling, you will be glad to know that this bag fits the dimension requirements to be a carryon on major airlines. The bag is made from high-quality PU leather that delivers a seamless, high-end appearance. Best of all, this leather is actually scratch resistant, so it always looks great. Carrying the bag is simple since you can adjust the shoulder strap to 28 inches or carry the bag via its tote handles. The polyester lining protects your gym gear. Take advantage of the inner zippered area to store valuables or smaller items.

#5 – Thule Subterra Duffel 60L

gym bag with shoe compartment

Another great choice for those who want a large gym duffel that can also work for traveling, this product from Thule has a 60-liter capacity, so you will have no shortage of space. In fact, you can even go to the gym and pack for a full weekend getaway without having to remove anything from your bag. The spacious side pockets are gusseted and designed for shoes or other bulky items; they can even fit hiking boots. When not in use, these pockets will sit flush along the walls of the duffel to conserve space. Carrying this bag is a breeze since you can attach the straps in multiple different locations. Use the grab handles or attach the padded shoulder strap however you want.

To help you stay organized if you bring a lot to the gym or use this bag for traveling, there are internal compression straps. You can also access a secondary storage pocket via either the main compartment or the exterior portion of the bag for extra convenience. You will notice interior side zippers perfect for smaller items you don’t want to lose, like your phone or even toiletries.

#6 – Apera Performance Duffel Bag, Graphite

In the search for the best gym bag with shoe compartment, this one from Apera is a good choice as well as stylish. It holds 43 liters, so although it is not the largest bag on this list, it is still incredibly spacious. This capacity also means it should easily fit in your gym locker while fitting everything you need. The exterior features a set of large pockets, each of which can fit shoes as large of a men’s size 12, so even those with large feet should be fine. There are other smart exterior pockets, including two flexible water bottle pockets, one to store a laptop or tablet, and one perfect for your phone or glasses.

The bag includes laser-cut venting that lets the bag ventilate and breathe, preventing the buildup of unpleasant odors. To further stop bacterial odors from forming, the material is sanitized-infused as well as antibacterial. The base is also water-resistant to stop your items from becoming damaged due to water or even forming mold from moisture. To ensure everything stays wet or dry, there is separation for these items. You will also notice an included Fit Pocket washable insert that gives you additional organization and can be tossed in your washing machine to clean when necessary.

Features To Look For When buying the best gym bags with shoe compartment

While the shoe compartment is important, here are some of the other features that you should search for in the best gym bag with shoe compartment.

Size Of Shoes

For those with larger than average feet, you should pay close attention to the shoe compartment on your chosen gym bag. The average person’s footwear should fit inside the typical shoe pocket, but if your feet are significantly larger than average or you have to wear wide shoes, pay attention to the dimensions. Alternatively, you can read the product reviews to see if anyone who has bought the product has larger feet and is satisfied.

One Or Two Pairs

Most gym bags with a shoe compartment will fit a single pair, but if you look hard, you can find a bag that holds two. If this is necessary for you, then keep that in mind during your search. The average person, however, only needs to keep a single pair of gym shoes in their bag.

Ventilated Shoe Compartment

The best gym bags with shoe compartment will be set up in a way that this designated section is ventilated. Footwear can easily begin to stink, particularly if you work out wearing it and don’t use talc or something similar. A ventilated compartment will help to dissipate the odors, ensuring your feet don’t smell too bad during your workouts and that your bag doesn’t start to stink excessively.

Bag Style

Take some time to consider your ideal style of gym bag. Some like duffels while others prefer backpacks and yet others prefer more of a designer look like a weekender bag. This is personal preference, but always ensure that the bag you select is easy to carry regardless of style. The straps should be padded for comfort as well.

Room For A Laptop

Although not everyone needs it, some people will want to get a gym bag that can hold their laptop or tablet as well. This can prevent the need to take an extra bag with you in the morning and let you use the same bag for the gym and work. If you do want to bring your laptop in your gym bag, make sure that it not only fits, but also look for a model with a padded compartment or sleeve for it.

Wet Compartment For Toiletries

The best gym bags with shoe compartment will also have a designated wet compartment that is waterproof. This is the ideal spot for storing things like toiletries or wet towels. It is also very useful for swimmers and anyone else whose exercise involves the water.

Overall Size

Don’t forget to consider the overall size of your selected gym bag. You want to make sure you can fit everything you need, including your shoes, clothes, toiletries, towels, and maybe a snack. At the same time, you probably want the bag to fit in your gym locker.

Water Bottle Holder

Although you could always clip a water bottle onto the side or stick it inside the bag, it is ideal to choose a gym bag with a designated water bottle holder. This way, you can easily access your bottle and hydrate in seconds.

Strap For Yoga Mat

If you use an exercise or yoga mat, try to choose a bag that includes an external set of straps for this. It will make carrying your gear to the gym much simpler.


All that’s left to do is decide which gym bag best meets your style and holds all your gear. Once you have made your choice, place your order and get ready to easily keep all your gear for daily workouts in one spot courtesy of the best gym bag with shoe compartment.

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