Best Gym Bags With Laptop Compartment 2021

gym bag with laptop compartmentWhether you need to take a computer with you to work or school, or just like to have your laptop with you before and after your workout, finding the best gym bags with laptop compartment can be a smart move. This allows you to fit your workout clothes as well as your computer and everything else you need, preventing the need to carry a separate laptop bag and struggle with multiple straps to carry. Check out the following information to find the right gym bag that will also protect your laptop.

Comparison chart of best gym bags with laptop compartment

Product imageBrand nameWeightPriceRating
LiveWell 3603 lbs$$4.8
GUDNot listed$$5.0
6 Pack FitnessNot listed$$4.5
Ghostek 3.6 lbs$4.5
OakleyNot listed$$4.1
Thule Not listed$$4.1

Detailed review of top gym bags with laptop compartment

Take a look at the following products to see what the top gym bags with laptop compartments look like. Each of them have the features mentioned above and there are a range of styles, so you should find the one that’s perfect for you.

#1 – The LUXX From LiveWell 360



gym bag with laptop compartment

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One of several high-quality bags from Live Well 360, the LUXX is designed to easily fit your gym gear, including your shoes, and have room for your laptop. It was designed to be a weekender bag that can hold everything you need for a full week of fun, or to fit your computer and every single item you need for a workout. It holds all your gear, but is stylish, meaning no one will know that your workout clothes are inside. The shoes and dirty clothes get to go in their own compartment which is ventilated so the scent can disappear.

Your laptop gets its very own compartment that is TSA compliant and padded, protecting your expensive computer, even while at the gym. Thanks to the eleven smart pockets spread throughout the LUXX, you can keep everything else organized, including your computer charger, USB drive, headphones, and more. Your keys connect to a lanyard so there’s no risk of losing them and there is a designated phone slot as well. The bag’s ability to withstand the elements gives you added confidence when you have to go outside in the rain, knowing that neither your workout clothes or computer will get wet. For an added dose of style, the interior features a Signature Crimson Liner. This bag is also in our list best gym bags with shoe compartment.

#2 – GUD Athletic Tote Sports/Gym Backpack

gym bag that has laptop compartment

This gym bag has a designated front section perfect for your sneakers, complete with ventilation grommets so your entire bag won’t start to smell because of your shoes. Within the main compartment, you will find a floating padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop, keeping your computer safe from falls and bumps. This sleeve gives you the versatility you need to put your laptop anywhere in the main compartment, so you can organize the interior exactly how you want. To help with that goal, there is a secured zippered pocket, pen pockets, and a Velcro pocket.

The exterior is made from black 1000D nylon which is durable and water-resistant, giving you one less thing to worry about during a sudden rainstorm. To keep everything in place and comfortable while enhancing durability, the bag has a padded bottom. While holding the bag, you will not get sweaty thanks to the air-mesh ventilated back panel. The backpack straps in the rear are padded and highly adjustable or you can choose to carry the bag via the top tote straps. You can even use this gym bag as a cross-body shoulder bag if you prefer thanks to the adjustable straps. There is also a waist strap to help you support the weight of your gym bag when it is full. To further improve durability, everything is double stitched and the seams are reinforced.

#3 – 6 Pack Fitness Titan Messenger – Stealth

stylish gym bag with laptop compartment

Like the other products from 6 Pack Fitness, this messenger bag is a highly durable gym bag with laptop compartment that allows for the utmost organization. When carrying it, you will always be comfortable, even if you completely load the bag since the shoulder straps are padded. The bag also features all the organization you could need. The main compartment is spacious enough to fit your personal items, clothing, workout gear, and toiletries plus a pair of gym shoes.

The separate technology compartment will hold your 15-inch laptop and/or a tablet along with all the accessories you need. For added protection, this pocket as an Athletic Stamp Lining. The exterior of the messenger bag also features two expandable pockets specifically designed to carry water bottles or blender bottles. To help you stay organized, there are also compartments and mini-pockets for your wallet, computer charger, phone, keys, and other items. The bag is designed for durability, easily supporting the weight when full so you don’t have to replace it any time soon. This messenger gym bag should last for years to come and because of its minimalistic design and black fabric, it will always remain in style.

#4 – Ghostek 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag, NRGbag 2 Series 360 Protective Notebook Backpack + 1600mAh & USB Charging Ports (Black)

Although this backpack’s description and name focuses on its ability to carry a computer with ease, it is also more than spacious enough to be your gym bag. It has a dedicated laptop compartment with room for a 15.6-inch computer and can hold as much as 40 liters in total, easily fitting your gym shoes and workout clothes. What makes this bag even better is that it can also let you charge your accessories. It comes with a built-in 16,000mAh battery along with three USB ports; cables are even included. One of these is external for easy access while the other two are internal, letting you charge your phone or tablet without anyone even knowing. To keep track of the battery, there is an intelligent power LED indicator.

To help you stay organized at the gym and at work, there are multiple compartments with organizational and storage sections for things like clothes, books, tablets, phones, keys, your wallet, and more. There is also a dedicated water bottle pocket so hydration is always at your fingertips when working out. The bag is even water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your laptop getting wet in a storm or your items getting the bag wet following a swimming workout. For those who want to be able to take their gym bag on a plane, the internal charging system of this backpack is TSA-approved and reviews agree that going through security with it poses no problem.

#5 – Oakley Kitchen Sink LX Backpack

No matter the gym gear you need to bring with you, this is a best gym bag with laptop compartment. It is spacious and durable plus machine washable so you can always clean it if it starts to get too dirty. The backpack also has the benefit of fitting a computer of up to 17 inches in the dedicated padded sleeve, making it the best choice on the list for those with bigger laptops. For comfort when carrying the bag, the shoulder straps have padding and there are waist straps with padding on the sides as well. There is even a sternum strap.

When it comes time for your workout, you will appreciate the separate waterproof compartment that is ideal for slightly damp workout clothes or even your towel after taking a bath at the gym. This compartment is particularly useful for those whose workout of choice involves the water, such as swimmers or surfers. Reviewers agree that this bag is more than spacious enough to work as a gym bag, fitting your shoes, clothing, and more. For extra organization, take advantage of the external pockets on either side.

#6 – Thule VEA Backpack 21L & Knit Cap Bundle

This backpack is perfect for the gym, your laptop, and anything else you need to take with you. As a bundle, it actually includes a free knit cap to help you out as the weather drops in temperature, especially if you like to work out outside. This bag has dedicated slip pockets with padding for a 10-inch tablet and a 15.6-inch laptop, ensuring that your gear is always protected and easily accessible. Because of the separate compartments, you can even take work items and gym items in the same bag without them mixing.

The bag is very versatile in terms of how you carry it. The standard arrangement is as a backpack, but you can tuck away or remove the straps to change the bag to a duffel or a sling, depending on your mood. A designated interior pocket is expandable to store your dirty clothes and shoes following your workout. The shoes’ expandable pocket is actually accessible from the exterior of the bag so you don’t have to move things out of the way. This pocket cinches down when not in use, taking up less room.

What To Look For and features to consider when purchasing the best gym bags with laptop compartment

To help you get started, consider these crucial features when searching for your gym bag with laptop compartment.

Size Of Laptop

One of the most important things to look at when searching for a bag with a laptop section is how big your computer is. While a thin, smaller laptop will typical fit in most bags with a dedicated section, if yours is larger than 15 inches, you should pay close attention to the description.

Padded Laptop Section

When checking the details of your chosen gym bag, make sure that it doesn’t just have a separate section for the laptop, but that this area offers protection. Ideally, it should be padded so your computer will have additional protection against your workout gear and things outside of your bag.

Separate Laptop Compartment Or Sleeve Within Main One

Some aspects of the best gym bags with laptop compartment come down to personal preference, including how you want to access the computer. Some bags will have a completely separate pocket with an exterior zipper. Others will just have a padded sleeve within the main compartment. Carefully consider what you rather, or if you care.

Duffel, Weekender, Backpack, Or Other

You should also think about the general style of gym bag you want. Most of the best gym bags with laptop compartment will either be weekender-style bags or backpacks, although you may also spot a duffel or another style. Your chosen bag simply depends on how you like to carry the bag and your general preferences; you may prefer a weekender while your best friend prefers a backpack.

Comfortable Straps

No matter the style of bag you select, make sure that the straps will make the bag comfortable to carry. The best bags have padded straps so even when everything is inside, the straps don’t cut into your skin.

Separate Wet Compartment

Any good workout bag will have a separate section for wet items, like your towels and toiletries. This is particularly important for bags with laptop sections since you definitely don’t want any moisture to reach your computer and damage it.

Room For Shoes

Assuming you don’t wear your tennis shoes all day long, make sure that the gym bag you select has more than enough space for your shoes. Ideally, there should be a separate section that is designed for your shoes, possibly with room for your dirty clothes as well. It is even better if this compartment is ventilated to prevent a foul smell.

Size Of Bag

Don’t forget to also consider the size of your chosen gym bag. You obviously need something that can hold your laptop, sneakers, workout clothes, towel, toiletries, and anything you need for work. At the same time, you still want to minimize its size to ensure it fits in your gym locker and help make sure the bag isn’t too heavy or bulky when full.


With the right bag, you will be able to carry your laptop with you without any concern and still have room for your workout gear and other items. Whether you are in school or work, any of the above bags will be the perfect solution for your gym needs if your computer needs to be handy. Make your choice and no longer worry about leaving your laptop unattended when you workout; it will be safely stowed in your locker.

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