Top 5 Best Women’s Gym Bag 2019

Women’s gym bag is not just about carrying gear. It needs to be a bag that is both functional and stylish. For many, the gym bag and gym gear is a style statement too. They need to look good and at the same time, serve its primary purpose to the hilt. It is all about incorporating the various elements and creating a fine balance.

The AccelPadded compartment for iPad, Kindle5.0$89.99
The Core 2.0Lightweight4.9$89.99
PUMA Women’s Evercat Dispatch DuffelPolyester lining4.8$17.80
Boost Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes CompartmentBreathable4.8$25.98
MIER 20 Inches Sports Gym Bag Travel Duffel BagEasy to carry4.6$20.99

Detailed Review of the Best Women’s Gym Bag

So here is a quick review of some of the top picks in this segment

  1. The Accel Women’s Gym Bag

The Accel

This is an extremely durable and stylish alternative and decidedly one of the best gym bags for women. It is simple, functional and absolutely long-lasting. Whether you are heading for the gym, your studio, or even during work, the bag has a wide array of features that add to the functionality of the bag manifold. Starting from padded compartments for keeping iPad, Kindle or books to exterior straps to support the yoga mat, this bag screams of convenience in every possible way. The interior water bottle pocket is another big advantage, as is the TSA compliant lock. All in all, this is an absolute value buy.

  1. The Core

Core 2.0

This is also a TSA approved lightweight and durable bag. Decidedly one of the best gym bags for women, it is a medium-sized one that stores all your essentials in a neat and compact manner. Even when it is packed completely, you can still carry this bag properly without any hassle. The leather padding at the strap enhances the overall functionality of the bag a notch higher.

As with most other bags in this range, it has the usual array of features like multi-pocket, padded iPad pocket and the like. This bag also includes a free shoe bag for easy storage of gym shoes.

  1. PUMA Women’s Evercat Dispatch Duffel

The 100% polyester bag is definitively one of the most stylish gym bags for women. It is easy to clean, lightweight and extremely sturdy. That often justifies the higher price that this bag commands. You can use this bag for years without any problem. The well-reinforced zipper locks add to the functionality of the bag in a major way.

This is also an easy maintenance bag that has a huge storage facility and can be used to go to the office, gym, studio, or just a short overnight trip. It is extremely handy too.

  1. Boost Sports Gym Bag with Wet Pocket & Shoes Compartment

Durability is the central theme for this gym bag. It is made of top quality oxford fabric and is resistant to wear and tear at every stage. More than a gym specific bag, it is a versatile sports bag that can be handy in several situations. The multi-functional bag comes with a wide range of pockets that offer adequate storage for all your gym gear. You can carry it as a handbag or even as a shoulder bag depending on your need and situation. It also makes it a way more comfortable bag whenever you are carrying it for even extended period.

  1. MIER 20 Inches Sports Gym Bag Travel Duffel Bag

When you are looking for the best women’s gym bag, it is hard to avoid this one. Lightweight, functional and extremely durable, this one has many features to flaunt. The ventilated shoe compartment is undeniably the most striking. The mesh ventilation design keeps the shoes well ventilated and avoids bad smell. It also keeps the interior of the bag extremely clean and well aired. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and suit your comfort to the core in every possible way. Whether you like to carry the bag in your hand or you prefer it on the shoulders, you have all the options possible. The functional pockets offer adequate storage facility and ensure all your needs are well addressed. The two-year manufacturer’s warranty is an additional feature.

 How to Decide on the Best Women’s Gym Bag

It goes without saying that the best women’s gym bag is a combination of a variety of features.

  • Durability: Carefully look for materials that don’t just look good but can also stay good. Look for materials that can last for a long time. You also need to ensure that the overall quality of the bag also complements. Look for the zipper and other aspects too. Remember that all together, the durability comes through.
  • Reinforcements: This is another important factor that affects the relative durability of the bag. Remember, it is not just sufficient for the material of the bag to be durable. You must also make sure that the reinforcements and the stitches at the seams, all follow a specific quality of perfection. That alone will ensure that the bag is able to withstand heavy gym gears too. Look for user feedback to be doubly sure about these.
  • Functionality: This essentially means that the best gym bag is the one that can incorporate your needs stylishly. Look for bags with features that are not just cosmetic but actually useful. It will help you narrow down the relevant options to a realistic level and choose ones that are value buys for regular users. The frequency of your use also affects functionality.
  • Design: The final design of the women’s gym bag is a game-changer of sorts. It might have a wide array of features, but ultimately if the design does not compliment, it could look rather out of place. The problem with a badly designed bag is that you will never be able to take full advantage of all the features. The proper design optimizes functionality.
  • Price: Last but not the least important of all, the budget is important too. So, look for options that best fit the budget that you have in mind. This helps you lock a specific price, but at the same time, you can then take advantage of maximum possible features.


Therefore, you can understand choosing the best women’s gym bag can be a rather uphill task. This is exactly why we created this handy guide on how to go about shopping for gym bags. You can easily pick any of the options from the alternatives that we shortlisted. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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