Top Best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder 2021 – Ultimate Purchasing Guide with Compartments to Consider

Carrying the yoga mat to the class can often be awkward. Given its shape and size, it is quite difficult to zero in on the right and the most comfortable bag for the same. That is exactly why we decided to look for the best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder. The idea is to look for bags that will keep your mats secure, but at the same time, ensure that you have a comfortable ride.

You have to remember that given the longish shape of the yoga mat, it becomes rather difficult to fit the same in a conventional bag. Again if you look at something that is a perfect fit for the yoga mat, it will be difficult to fit anything else in it. As a result, it becomes rather imperative to strike the appropriate balance and look for something that can accommodate your other gym belongings along with the mat.

Here is a quick look at some of the top options available now. They don’t just optimize your comfort but also add a designer touch to your yoga accessories.

Comparison Chart of the Best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder

The AccelSeparate Compartments 5.0$89.99
The LuxxMultipurpose5.0$129.99
Outdoor Products Deluxe Duffle BagLightweight4.3$24.99
Uhawi Yoga Mat BagSpacious4.6$27.99
Masaya Yoga Mat BackpackWaterproof4.5$49.99
Lish Vinyasa Yoga Mat BackpackDurable4.5$29.99

Detailed Review of Top Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder

Let us take a look at some of the best rated and most user-friendly gym bags with yoga mat holders. We have shortlisted these based on several parameters from customer feedback to average rating across websites. The idea is to give you solutions that are not just functional, but very stylish too. These don’t just allow you to carry what you need but also help you to carry them in perfect style.
Invariably these options feature prominently in best sellers’ lists across online portals as well as most brick and mortar shops. Their appeal varies from the unique styling to the overall functionality of the products. Some also portray special harnessing to ensure better hold and traveling convenience.

  1. (i) The Accel

One of the best rated and well reviewed gym bags with yoga mat holder, this one is both stylish and durable. It is a type of bag that is functional as well as versatile. This version is primarily for women. Apart from the separate yoga mat holder, this one boasts of separate padded pockets for keeping your iPad, laptop. This makes it a rather convenient option irrespective of where you choose to travel. It also ensures that there is appropriate protection for your belongings, and the chances of them getting spoilt in transit are limited. Moreover, this compartmentalization gives you the ability to carry soiled and fresh clothes along with dirty shoes too. It is however best known for its quick release yoga mat attachment. This ensures that the mat is not just carried properly, but you can also detach or attach it with equal ease. The compact size and ease of carrying the bag around also makes it a highly desirable option. That makes it a comprehensive option for your yoga sessions as well as a regular gym workout.

       (ii) The Luxx 

Best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder

In case you are looking for an option that is specifically for men, this one fits the bill to the T. It is a kind of bag that easily doubles up as your weekender bag too. It is spacious, roomy with a separate attachment to hold the yoga mat on the sides. That apart, it has a separate compartment for shoes, laptops and other necessities. In all there are 13 different compartments. That ensures your comfort is not compromised in anyway. This bag is very durable made of ballistic nylon. This also makes the bag quite lightweight without compromising on the durability. It is a kind of combination that easily brings in the best features and most important necessities together to bring forth to you an attractive end product. This is a type of bag that you will fall for instantly.

  1. Outdoor Products Deluxe Duffle Bag

If you are keen on a more affordable bag, then you must go for this option. It is user-friendly, lightweight, durable and has enough space for everything along with the yoga mat. It is ergonomically designed to ensure that you do not have a problem carrying the bag and the yoga mat around. The separate wet pocket ensures that your clothes are not soiled but the sweaty and wet ones. The shoe compartment is rather roomy, making it versatile and appropriate even for those who prefer wearing big and bulky exercise shoes during the workout.

  1. Uhawi Yoga Mat Bag

One of the best gym bags with a yoga mat holder, this one is known for the multi-functional storage pockets. Light and durable, it is uniquely styled to guarantee better comfort and more space. The cotton canvas material makes this an extremely durable option and resistant to daily wear and tear to a large extent. It has two Velcro and zipper pockets. Needless to mention, these make your stuff a lot more secure and easy to carry. This bag also comes with a bottle holder to accommodate your water bottle or protein shake that you might be carrying around without the risk of spilling it.

  1. Masaya Yoga Mat Backpack

The next one in the list too is one of the best gym bags with a yoga mat holder both in terms of quality and affordability. The versatility of the bag also adds to its appeal. The unique backpack like design distributes the load uniformly on both shoulders, and that in many ways, enhance the relative comfort factor. The 2 bonus shoe bags with this bag enhance its appeal and improve the utility factor for users. It is a waterproof bag that makes it rather resistant to unpredictable weather and improves versatility even further. It is also a durable and lightweight gym bag option.

  1. Lish Vinyasa Yoga Mat backpack 

This is another interesting designed and comfortable gym bag with a yoga mat holder. A versatile bag, you can use it for weekend trips and even take it to office. It helps you stay organized and carry the yoga mat quite easily. This bag has separate compartments for keeping the soiled clothes and good ones. The compartments are spacious, and you can even accommodate your shoes. The yoga mat clutches are at the bottom of the bag so you can easily attach the mat in an unobtrusive manner.

How to Decide the Best Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holder

As you can well imagine, many factors go into making a great gym bag with appropriate yoga mat holder. The various features combine to ensure that you have a dependable and quality buy irrespective of the amount that you pay for it. You must consider the

  • Durability: The quality of the material, as well as the stitching quality, has to be considered. It is no point getting a product cheap if it is going to give way in a matter of months. So always look for bags that are made of good quality material. Also, pay attention to the seams and the reinforcements for the handles. They need to be firm and durable as well. In fact, if the bag is not durable, chances are it ain’t dependable either. It inevitably indicates that you must opt for yoga bags that you can carry any amount of luggage without worrying if it might give way. The various features combine to ensure that you have a dependable and quality buy irrespective of the amount that you pay for it.
  • Adaptability: This is an age and era of multi-tasking, and often it becomes impossible to have different bags for different things. So it is important to look for products that you can carry to work as well if needed. This will enhance the overall utility value of the product to a large extent. It will make the bag extremely functional and improve the appeal of this even when you are out for a weekend or a short overnight trip. This also enhances the relative return on money used to buy the bag.
  • Comfort: Often gym bags can be rather heavy, and adding the yoga mat just increases the relative weight. So make sure you look for options that are comfortable to carry even for an extended period. In that way, you will not face a problem even if you have to walk or use public transport with the gym bag. In other words, this adds to the versatility of the bag. It makes it a profitable buy or a bargain find and comes in as a handy alternative to address all your parcel requirements. But comfort is a relative factor and differs from person to person. Don’t depend on what others have to say, rather think of what you need.
  • Pricing: That is an important consideration too. Most times, buyers have a specific budget in mind. Invariably the best buy is the one that delivers you maximum features within the price you have in mind. So always be careful about the relative price of the product. Carefully consider if a specific product deserves stretching your budget further. Don’t just buy on an impulse. Chances are you may regret it later. It is always better to compare products and their costs and then decide on something. Though optically two bags may look similar, always pay attention to the detailed pricing break-up.


You can, therefore, understand that deciding on the best gym bag with yoga mat holder is not as simple as it seems. It is a multi-pronged consideration. You have to take into account the comfort factor as well as the convenience. The design of these yoga mats needs to cover a comprehensive list of must-haves. These include ease of use and travel most importantly. It is also important to harness it securely. That is what will make sure that it will not fall off even if you are traveling with it in a busy area. Most importantly, all of these factors need to match your budget too. Only options that confirm all these factors would classify as a good buy. As an astute buyer, you must also calculate the relative return ratio for the most compelling bargains. Once you start overstretching the budget, you run the risk of going for products that may eventually come across as too expensive for the purpose. Ultimately the best gym bag with a yoga mat holder will decidedly be something that appeals to your aesthetic sense and serves your purpose well.

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