5 Best Designer Gym Bags 2021

Best Designer Gym BagsWe all have our likes and dislikes, our personal preferences, and our individual taste in just about everything, gym bags included. Each person has his or her own opinion as to what the best designer gym bags is. Therefore, no one brand or style of gym bag can be touted as being the best. What is perfect for one person’s needs doesn’t always suit another person. However, there are some principles that can apply to all gym bags, no matter the brand, style, or price tag.

Detailed review of best designer gym bags

Let’s look a few top-notch designer bags to give you an idea of what to look for.

#1 – The Luxx – The Best Designer Gym Bag

good designer gym bagbest designer gym bagYou’ve planned a wonderful getaway filled with great sightseeing, romantic dinners, and time to relax, and packed carefully. You’d love to take your gym outfit and squeeze in a little exercise routine in the hotel gym, but your old gym bag is looking shabby. Not to worry. The Luxx is everything a gym bag should be, and classy-looking. It comes in your choice of white, black, or blue, and is crafted from fine lightweight ballistic nylon. It will double as your TSA-compliant airline carry-on, or stow nicely in the back seat of your car. Large enough to hold a week’s worth of outfits and your laptop, too, it has separate compartments for your dirty things and shoes. Eleven pockets will keep your smaller items organized and handy. A padded compartment will keep your tablet or laptop safe.

Metal hardware ensures long-lasting durability for this luxurious bag. Not a gym buff? This bag works just as well as an easy-to-carry overnight bag, or use it for anytime that you need to carry things in and still look great. Clean-up is easy, too—just wipe with a cold, damp cloth. Test any cleaners in an inconspicuous spot before using. The dimensions are 22 inches long by 12 inches high and 11 inches wide at the base. It weighs three pounds when empty.

#2 – The Accel

The perfect bag for quick trips to the gym or to carry supplies to your studio or office, the Accel is a compact bag that features a quick-release attachment designed to hold a light jacket or a yoga mat. When you’re on the go, this bag is ready to go with you and make your life as efficient as possible. At just six inches wide, 11 inches high, and 15 inches long, it’s roomy enough to hold all of your essentials, yet compact and lightweight enough (two pounds when empty) to be easy to carry.

Made of sturdy ballistic nylon and accented with metal hardware, the Accel looks stylish enough to take into the board room or gallery. The padded strap makes carrying it more comfortable. You’ll love the compartments that separate clean from dirty clothing and your shoes. Factor in the additional pockets for small items such as toiletries or electronics and one that keeps your keys handy. The classic black outside gets a fresh zing with the red interior, which makes finding things in the bottom of the bag much easier than with a black interior.Clean it carefully using a cloth dampened with cold water. If you need to use a mild soap, test it first on an inconspicuous spot. This fine bag will give you many years of faithful use.

#3 – The Tote

best designer gym tote bag

For a quick grab-and-go bag, The Tote is the perfect choice to stash your gym things in and have them at the ready. Or use it to carry your crocheting, school books, work folders, baby’s things, and even your lunch. The open tote bag style is so handy for so many uses. Organizational pockets keep shoes separated from clothing, and two smaller pockets keep toiletries or other small items safe. One of these pockets is fleece-lined to protect glasses or jewelry. Outside pockets hold a water bottle or shaker bottle. Other outer pockets keep your phone, wallet, and other small items organized while a lanyard keeps your keys handy.

The Tote is crafted from lightweight top-grade ballistic black nylon with a red liner. Wide handles make carrying it easy, and an extra padded shoulder strap gives you options for transporting it. The metal hardware is long-lasting and durable. It measures 14 inches high, 17 inches long, and six inches wide, giving plenty of room to carry everything you need to go in style.Cleaning away dust is easy with a damp cloth. If just a damp cloth doesn’t do it, try a little mild soap in an inconspicuous spot first before using it to clean the soiled spot. With reasonable care, The Tote will give you many years of good service, proving its worth as top designer gym bags for women.

#4 – The Core


best duffel designer gym bagThe Core is a classy gym bag that zips up completely to keep all of your things safe, organized, and hidden from the eyes of others. This will be your go-to bag for all of your away-from-home excursions, whether you head to the gym, the lake, the golf course, the rodeo, or just to work. Its crisp, rectangular shape gives a no-nonsense attitude while it holds all of your things in compartments designed to help you to organize your necessities. The black outer shell is nicely accentuated with a soft gray interior. Padded straps help to protect your shoulder when carrying it. It comes with a separate shoe bag to put your gym shoes. This will help to keep your other clothes from getting soiled by your shoes. A separate compartment inside will fit your laptop or tablet so you can safely transport them to and from the gym or health club. Other compartments hold a water bottle, phone, keys, and other necessities.

Made from lightweight top-grade nylon, The Core is easily cleaned by wiping off the dirt with a damp cloth, and weighs a mere two pounds when empty. It is nine inches wide, 13 inches high, and 21 inches long, providing plenty of room to carry all of your gym essentials.

#5 – The Backpack

best designer gym backpack

For the ultimate in hands-free carrying, The Backpack is a rugged, yet classy-looking carry-all for going to the gym, to work, to the river or beach, or just about anywhere that you want to go. Its oversized main compartment is roomy enough to hold all of your gym clothes or a change of outfit, plus a towel and anything else you may need to take along. Separate compartments hold your shoes and used clothing to keep them away from the clean things. A number of various sized compartments will hold all of your essentials, including your laptop or tablet (in its own separate compartment), phone, keys, water bottle and shaker cup, snacks, iPod, toiletries, comb, wallet (if you choose), and other things you need for your day. A specially lined pocket holds glasses or jewelry.

The extra padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry without putting undue stress on your back and shoulders. The premium ballistic nylon is pleasant to the touch and is designed to last a lifetime. It measures eight inches long, 13 inches wide at the base, and 22 inches high, and weighs merely three pounds when empty. Perfect for either men or women, it comes in classic black with a red and gray interior printed with motivational words. Once you acquire The Backpack, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Keep These Considerations In Mind When Shopping the best designer gym bags

Usually, a person has certain items they want to pack into a gym bag. For most people, a trip to the gym is carved out of their busy work day. So, a set of exercise clothing is probably the most important item that needs to fit into the gym bag. Along with a change of clothing and shoes, most people carry a water bottle, energy snacks, some toiletries, and perhaps a towel. A woman may utilize her gym bag to carry things that would normally go in her purse. The gym bag that you choose has to be able to easily accommodate all of these things without any of them getting crushed or lost in the depths.


Ideally, there will be a separate shoe compartment, so the soles don’t rub up against anything else get it dirty. A separate holder each for the water bottle, toiletries, and a damp towel are other important features to look for when in the market for a new gym bag.

Construction And Materials

Along with roominess and separate pockets, be sure to look for a gym bag that is made of high quality materials. Generally, a metal zipper will last longer than will a plastic one. Check to see how the handles are attached to the bag itself. Is the hardware on the bag made of plastic, or is it made of metal? Mesh panels in the bag helps to circulate air throughout the bag. This helps to eliminate the odor of a ripe set of gym clothes or shoes that are left in the bag.

The material that the gym bag is made out of is important to check, too, for strength, durability, and waterproofness. A lightweight, sturdy nylon or polyester material is the most suitable for a quality gym bag, but canvas is an excellent choice as well. Even though a bag may boast of all metal hardware, if the material is flimsy, then the metal D-hooks, zippers, or clips could just pull right through the material. This can cause the bag to tear and spill its contents. The stitching around the zipper and the other hardware should be even and tight, as should be the seams.

You may prefer a leather gym bag to one made of cloth. Inspect the leather to make certain that it is indeed real leather. The leather should be supple, not stiff and unyielding. Check for flaws in the leather, skinned spots, or anything else that lowers the quality and appearance of a fine leather gym bag.

Quality Workmanship

Just because a gym bag bears the name of an upscale designer company doesn’t necessarily mean that the bag is made to high quality standards. This is particularly true if the designer bag is a fake. Inspect the bag thoroughly inside and out, looking for signs of quality workmanship. Are the seams sewn straight, even, and firm? Are there loose threads that should have been clipped off at the factory? Are the handles attached to the bag with metal rings or plastic ones? Are the ring loops reinforced and sewn securely to the bag and the bag handles? Is the liner sewn in correctly enabling it to lie smoothly within the gym bag?


Does the bag hang from your shoulder in a comfortable, balanced manner? Are the individual pockets large enough to fit the items they are meant to hold? The pockets should actually fit the item(s) for which they were designed. A pocket for your cell phone won’t do you much good if it’s a quarter of an inch too small.

Watch Out For Fake Designer Gym Bags

There is big business in fake designer items, whether they are purses, clothing, shoes, or gym bags. Be sure you are well acquainted with the designer brand you are shopping for so that you are able to spot the small discrepancies that invariably enter into the most meticulously crafted fakes. Often, one can spot a fake by examining the brand’s logo. If this doesn’t match up, look elsewhere! It is not worth sacrificing quality for a bargain price.

Care Instructions

Another feature to consider is whether or not the gym bag is washable. You will certainly need to wash it periodically, and choosing a bag that holds its shape wash after wash is certainly a plus. Some gym bags are not conducive to being machine-washed, and only need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth and. If you have your eye on a leather gym bag, you will want to be sure you know how to clean it and keep it looking its finest. Also, you will want to ascertain that the leather bag has a liner that will protect it from wet or damp clothes and towel inside.

Additional Uses

If your gym bag will also double as an airline carry-on, a beach bag, or even a diaper bag, you will want to consider all of the ways you plan to use the bag and make sure that it is up to the task. Some larger gym bags even come with wheels and a pull handle. Some of the best designer gym bags are designed as a backpack for hands-free carrying.

Final Considerations

Whatever type you choose, and wherever and however you plan to use it, you will want to choose the best bag that your money can buy. Be sure they are of good, durable quality also. When you choose well, the gym bag will last you a long time and serve you well.


With so many amazing options for designer gym bags, you only need to select the one that matches your style and needs. In just a few days, you will be able to head to the gym without sacrificing your fashion sense.

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