Selecting The Best Women’s Gym Bags with Compartments 2019

Gym bags for women come in all forms, but if you are a regular gym-goer, you will know the advantages of having the right type of women’s gym bag with compartments. Not only does it make effective use of the available space, but it also ensures that everything is stored properly. Here is a quick look at some of the best options in this category.

Comparison Chart Of The Best Women’s Gym Bags With Compartments

The AccelDurable4.9$89.99
Core 2.0Padded Pockets4.9$89.99
Boost Sports Gym BagBreathable & Water Resistant4.8$25.99
Yixinunique Gym Bag With Shoe CompartmentWaterproof PU Coating4.7$24.99
Keespence Gym Bag For WomenSeparate plastic lined compartments4.5$19.96

Detailed Review of the Best Women’s Gym Bags with Compartments

Here is a detailed review of some of the best options available currently.

  1. The Accel

Best Women’s Gym Bags with Compartments


If you are looking for compartments, here is a gym bag for women where you are spoilt for choices. Whether you want a separate pocket for the laptop or books, whether it is a compartment for soiled shoes or sweaty clothes, this bag has it all covered for you. What really makes it one of the best women’s gym bags with compartments is the fact that it encompasses all of this without compromising the quality of the material or the design. It is durable, sturdy, and clearly embodies the brilliance of space with purpose. The TSA compliant feature adds to the versatility of this gym bag.

  1. Core 2.0

Best Women’s Gym Bags with Compartments

Core 2.0

This is another lightweight duffle bag with padded compartments that make for a compelling option when you are looking for the best women’s gym bags with compartments. It is easy to carry, great to maintain and extremely functional. This is one of those bags that is perfect for the gym and even for work. It has separate compartments to keep your shoes, laptop, IPad and even books. The sleek design along with the TSA compliance makes it a rather versatile buy. The shoulder straps are made of soft seatbelt material and help you in remaining comfortable even if you are carrying a heavy load. The free shoe bag with this adds to the functionality as well.

  1. Boost Sports Gym Bag

Boost Gym Bag

Breathable, water-resistant and high on storage, this Oxford bag is one of the best gym bags for women when you are keen on one that has compartments. The separate compartments are designed in a way that adds to the convenience, but also maintains the excellence of the bag. Sleek and trendy, it comes in a variety of color options and a separate shoe bag for housing the gym shoes. This, no doubt, gives users the flexibility to use the same bag while running multiple errands. The shoulder straps are detachable and you can either choose to carry it as a handbag or crossover your shoulders.

  1. Yixinunique Gym Bag With Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket

Yixinunique Gym Bag With Shoe Compartment & Wet Pocket

This waterproof bag with a water-resistant bottom panel is undeniably one of the most versatile options to look for. Along with the spacious main pocket, it has 12 smaller pockets that are high on quality and add to your convenience at every step. The polyester fabric that this bag is made of adds to its durability and makes it a definitive option to bet on.

The hidden wet pockets make sure that you have ample space to store your wet clothes without disturbing the good ones. You can also use these pockets to keep your bath towel, umbrellas and soiled shoes. The separate shoe compartment is also waterproof. That means even if they are wet, you can easily store them inside the bag without the risk of soiling other stuff that might be already stored inside the same bag.

  1. Keespence Gym Bag For Women

Keespence Gym Bag

If you are keen on a roomy bag that is not bulky, then this gym bag for women is one of the best ones with compartments. The compartments are separated with deep zippered segments and provide adequate space even for big shoes and holding a complete change of clothes. The idea is to offer a comprehensive package that is high on elegance and utility. The strong detachable and adjustable shoulder strap adds to the convenience factor and the lifetime warranty reiterates the degree of quality and credibility that the manufacturers represent. 

How to Decide the Best Women’s Gym Bags with Compartments

When you set out to look for the best women’s gym bag with compartments, you have to pay attention to several factors. Remember that the final outcome is an assimilation of several elements which together go on to make a great buy.

  • Purpose: The frequency and objective of your use are very important. For example, if you carry the same bag to office and gym, a laptop compartment is crucial. In case you have separate gym shoes, the shoe compartment makes sense. Plus you need to have separate pockets for the soiled clothes as well as the good ones.
  • Quality: When you are looking for the best quality material, do not just concentrate on the quality of the fabric. You must also pay attention to the quality of the stitches, the handles and shoulder straps and the zippers. The idea is to go for a good quality product that encompasses all of these features and a lot more. That is what will help you decide on a good buy for the long run.
  • Material: When we talk of the material for the best women’s gym bag with compartments, it’s got to be durable. It should be able to take in the regular wear and tear with aplomb and offer resistance to simple scratches and rough use. Remember you tend to travel quite a bit with your gym bag. As a result, it should be able to tackle the pressure.
  • Versatility: This is another key factor when you are choosing gym bags with compartments for women. The array of features will go on to decide the versatility of the bag. So look for options that can be functional and serve many purposes at the same go. That way, you will be able to look for options that will hold you in good stead in just about any situation. 


In case you find the plethora of options confusing you, simply follow our guide on the best women’s gym bags with compartments. This will help you in picking the right option, and at the same time, understanding how to choose a bag that serves your purpose best.

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