Best Bags For Work and Gym 2021

For those with a busy schedule, it is important to find the best bags for work and gym. This way, you don’t have to carry around multiple bags during the day, which can be especially annoying if you live in a city and use public transportation. Even if you drive, having a single bag for gym and work makes life easier as there is less to bring in and out of your car in the morning, reducing effort. With our help, you should have no problem finding the top bag that works well at your job and at the gym.

Comparison table of best bags for work and gym

Product imageBrand nameBag weightPriceRating
LiveWell 3603 lbs$$4.8
Apera1.9 lbs$$4.5
Under Armour2.5 lbs$$4.5
Iblue4 lbs$$$3.8
Lug Not listed$$4.0
AdidasNot listed$$4.0


Detailed reviews of best bags for gym and work

Take a look at these top options to see what those features look like in a gym and work bag.

#1 – The LUXX From LiveWell 360




LiveWell 360 is known for making high-quality gym bags and the LUXX is perfect for your workout as well as going to work. You can even use it as a weekender bag when you want to get away, giving you an incredible range of uses out of a single, sturdy bag. The designated compartment for shoes also has room for dirty laundry so you don’t have to worry about your filthy workout clothes accidentally popping out when you pull out work papers.

This bag also has a whopping 11 smart pockets spread throughout, both inside and out. This allows you to stay organized, keeping your keys, headphones, phone, work key card, and other items in designated spots. The padded laptop compartment adds convenience and for those who travel for work, you will be glad to know that it is TSA compliant. The bag is made from premium ballistic nylon that will withstand the elements and last a lifetime, making this an investment piece that doesn’t break the bank. For some added style, this white/cream bag has a signature crimson liner and a signature LW patch. The durable metal hardware provides extra reinforcement and the premium seat belt strip trims provide comfort when carrying the bag.

#2 – Apera Performance Duffel Bag, Graphite

This duffel bag is designed for the gym, but looks professional enough to easily use on a daily basis when you go to work. The bag has been infused with a sanitizer and has antimicrobial properties that resist bacterial odor, meaning your bag won’t stink when you are in the office. There is also laser-cut venting that lets the bag ventilate and breathe, while adding some style via the contrasting color. The base of the bag is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about moisture accumulating. Choose to carry the bag with the padded shoulder strap or the top carry handles.

This bag is truly spacious, fitting 43 liters of items, ideal for your workout needs and work needs. The huge exterior pockets found on either end can hold shoes as large as a men’s size 12. This means that most people will be able to fit their gym shoes and dirty workout clothes there. For added convenience, there is wet and dry separation and a Fit Pocket insert that is washable for easier cleaning. The bag also provides extreme durability so you will not have to replace it for years, at a minimum. Use the smaller exterior pockets to keep items like your phone and headphones handy. The bag has its own flexible, exterior pockets for water bottles.

#3 – Under Armour CORDURA Range Duffle

This is a unique choice as it works as a duffel or a backpack, giving you multiple ways to carry the bag depending on your preferences or even mood. Since it is from Under Armour, you can trust it to be highly durable and last. The finish uses UA Storm technology to provide water-resistance and battle the elements, meaning a rainstorm won’t get your gym or work gear wet. The bottom panel is coated in abrasion-resistant PU. Carry the bag with HeatGear shoulder straps which are ergonomic and padded with foam, including a chest clip.

To make this bag excellent for work as well as the gym, it features a padded laptop compartment that can also hold a tablet in addition to your computer and is lined with soft materials. There are two side end pockets, including one which is gusseted. For extra storage, the large back pocket is lined in vinyl. The front pocket has two secondary, smaller pockets built into it, perfect for storing items like your phone. The bag will hold its shape when empty and also works well for traveling, easily fitting in overhead bins on a plane.

#4 – Iblue X-Large Durable Gym Tote Genuine Leather Overnight Travel Weekend Bag Garment 21in #C001

Those in search of a leather option will find this to be the best bag for work and gym. It is structured like a duffel, giving you the versatility and spaciousness of the average gym bag. At the same time, its leather material provides durability and a sense of style that allows it to work well as a bag for work, even in the most professional of offices. The bag is incredibly spacious, fitting several days of clothes for traveling or all of your workout gear plus work equipment. If you want, you can also shrink it down slightly when not filled, and there is even a designated notch on the ends of the zippers to assist with this.

The bag measures 21 by 9 by 14.5 inches, meaning you should have no problem fitting everything you plan to take with you. The only drawback is that there is not a designated laptop compartment or separate section for shoes. That being said, if you invest in a padded laptop sleeve and a shoe bag, you will be ready to use it; there is more than enough space to provide your own organization. The shoulder strap includes heavy-duty reinforcement and a wide adjustability.

#5 – Lug Puddle Jumper Overnight / Gym Bag, Heather Grey Duffel Bag

This bag is advertised as an overnight bag and a gym bag, but it also works well in the office, especially in this shade of heather grey which gives it a professional appearance. You can choose to carry it using the removable cross-body strap or opt for the tote handles. The polyester lining is durable to keep the bag from getting damaged. In front, you will find three zippered pockets of varying sizes, perfect for holding smaller items like your phone, wallet, and gym membership card. There is also a hidden magnetic pocket, a detachable mirror, and a removable pouch.

There is a nice, ventilated compartment to separate your shoes and dirty clothes from other items so nothing has to smell bad. As the bag measures 14 x 15 by 7 inches, you can fit smaller laptops inside or tablets, but this bag is best for those who don’t need to take a laptop with them to and from work. There is more than enough space for your important papers, a change of clothes, shoes, and more.

#6 –Adidas Duffel Bag WOMENS Boston Bag DMD22 BR6314 Black

Although the name of this bag includes “Women’s,” it is actually very gender neutral. The simple black exterior makes it appropriate for work as well as the gym and because it is from Adidas, you can trust that it will last. The surface is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester for durability and easy maintenance. The bag is 30 centimeters tall and 45 wide, so you should have no problem fitting your work gear and workout supplies inside.

There is more than enough space to lie your laptop down flat on the bottom, although you may want to invest in a laptop sleeve to protect it. This bag focuses on minimalism, helping it look more professional than sporty while still maintaining the basic styling expected of Adidas. You can use the handles at the top, which are long enough to easily fit over a shoulder, or attach the longer, over-the-shoulder strap to carry the bag across your body. The reinforced bottom should have no problem supporting everything you need to take with you.

The Most Important Considerations 

Every person is different which is why you may love one gym bag while your office mate prefers another. Even if you have unique tastes, you should consider the same exact factors when searching for your next best bags for work and the gym.

Duffel, Backpack, Or Other

Start by considering the type of bag you want to bring with you for gym and work. The most popular gym bags tend to be duffels or backpacks. Once you factor in the desire for a gym bag that doubles as a work bag, you will find more options that are either backpacks or stylish duffels that look more like oversized over-the-shoulder purses or weekender bags. Just figure out what style works best for your needs and you will find numerous options to choose from.

Your Ideal Size for the best bags for work and gym

Choosing the right size for your work and gym bag is a balancing act. If you choose one that is too large, it may not fit in your gym locker or may just become bulky or uncomfortable to carry. At the same time, if you choose one that is too small, you may not have room for everything you need. Because of this, you should carefully think about what you regularly take with you to work and the gym and then choose a bag that is just slightly larger than what you think you need. It is always better to have too much room than too little.

Waterproof Compartment is a must in best bags for work and gym

The best bag for work and gym will have a designated area to put wet items, such as your towel or sweaty gym clothes, so they can’t damage other things in your bag. Ideally, you will select a bag that has an area like this. Otherwise, you may need to bring a plastic bag or waterproof bag of some sort with you.

Interior And Exterior Divisions Or Pockets

When searching for your gym and work bag, you will notice that most have some sort of interior and exterior organization while others don’t. The best choices will have several interior pockets so you can easily separate things; you don’t want your stinky gym clothes falling on top of your important work papers. Your chosen bag should also have some easily accessible, smaller compartments for your keys, phone, headphones, and other essentials so you don’t have to go digging through the entire bag. If you do yoga or bring an exercise mat, look for a bag with straps to hold it in place as well.

Holds And Protects Laptop

Ideally, your chosen best bags for work and the gym will have a designated compartment for your laptop, complete with padding. If you have a larger laptop, such as one that is 17 inches, make sure that the bag you choose has enough room for this one; some say they fit a laptop, but only hold 15-inch models.

Water Bottle Holder

The best bags will also have a designated spot to hold a water bottle, ensuring that hydration is easily accessible at all times, whether you are at your workout or on your way to and from there.

Looks Professional

Since you want to use the same bag for the gym and work, it should appear professional. While this will vary based on the type of office you work in, plain, solid-colored bags tend to always be a professional choice.

Ease Of Care

Don’t forget to consider how to care for the bag as well. Even with your best efforts, any bag you use for workout clothes will likely develop some smell over time. Some bags are machine washable while others need to be spot cleaned. There is no one right solution; it comes down to personal preference.


When choosing your best bag for work and gym, you need to balance cost with durability. You don’t want to buy a cheap bag, since it will not last a long time. More expensive models tend to be made with more durable materials and may even come with warranties to help improve their value. Think about it this way: is it better to spend $30 on a new bag twice a year or $150 on a bag once a decade? A smart investment delivers plenty of savings in the future.


Now that you have check out the best bag for work and gym, all that’s left is to select the one that best meets your needs. Think about your preferred style, color, and other factors then go ahead and choose the right one.

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