Top 7 Best Crossfit Gym Bags of 2021

best crossfit gym bagsAnyone who works out at a gym knows that a high-quality exercise bag is a must. With the right bag, you will always have your gear ready to hit the crossfit gym, leaving you with no excuses to skip a workout or fall behind. Good CrossFit gym bags will be stylish, have room for everything, be durable, and easy to carry. Instead of randomly choosing a bag, opt for one of the top options on this list.

Comparison table of best crossfit bags

Product imageBrand nameBag weight PriceRating
LiveWell 3603 lbs$$4.8
Orange MudNot listed$$4.7
LiveWell 3602 lbs$$4.7
LiveWell 3602 lbs$$4.8
King Kong Not listed$$4.9
Datsusara Not listed$$4.4
KomalCNot listed$$4.5

Detailed review of top crossfit gym bags

Here are our favorite bags that will store all your CrossFit gear in style.

#1 – The LUXX from LiveWell 360

best crossfit gym bags

The LUXX looks like any weekend bag, not a ratty old gym bag, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a stylish option for CrossFit. It gets its inspiration from weekender bags but keeps gym accessories, like shoes and workout clothes, tucked away discretely. In fact, the LUXX can easily fit an entire week’s worth of outfits with ease. You will even find a vented compartment designed to keep your shoes and laundry separate from clean clothes; no more worrying about your fresh change of clothes smelling like the gym.

As you look around the LUXX, you will notice 11 different smart pockets, perfect for things like keys and headphones so nothing ever gets lost. The front compartment even has a key lanyard for added security and convenience. Heading to work or on vacation after your CrossFit workout? You’ll appreciate the padded laptop compartment and this is the reason that this bag has been included in our list of best gym bags with laptop compartment. To make the LUXX an even better choice, it is made from premium ballistic nylon that can withstand the elements, keeping your workout gear (and other items) dry and protected. The materials can easily last for years to come, or even a lifetime. The durable metal hardware adds reinforcement and for comfort, there is plush back-padding plus premium seatbelt strip trims.

#2 – Modular Gear And Gym Bag

black gym bag

This is a top choice for your crossfit gym bag due to its excellent versatility. There are also multiple colors available, including black on black, black with orange or olive straps (and a matching interior), or camo with orange straps. The zippers are from YKK to ensure they have a finished appearance and are long-lasting. The bag is made in the USA so you support the economy. The bag also comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind and an excellent value.

The bag’s shell is made using 1680 denier nylon, which was actually designed for fighter pilots’ flak jackets in WWII as protection from flying shrapnel; in other words, you can count on it to be durable. The bag is very resistant to heat and holds between 20 and 30 percent more than average gym bags. For convenience and organization, there are two removable compartments: one for shoes and one for toiletries. The four exterior pockets are perfect for a tablet, phone, wallet, keys, or other items. For those who exercise regularly, this bag will prove it is worth the investment very quickly.

#3 – The ACCEL

best crossfit gym bag for women

This stylish black crossfit gym bags feature a ride interior for a bit of fun and include a convenient set of exterior straps to hold a yoga or exercise mat. Best of all, these attachments (which also hold a coat) are quick-release, a first-ever feature. It is designed to store your items without any fuss while still being fashionable. The compact size means it won’t take up much room or get too heavy while the interior space can still accommodate everything you need for a full workout, including a change of clothes for later. In fact, you can fit an entire week of outfits within the space.

The vented compartment for shoes also includes room for your dirty laundry. There are also plenty of pockets to help you stay organized, including areas for your phone, tablet, headphones, keys, makeup bag, and more. The straps and bag itself are more than sturdy enough to handle the weight, even when fully loaded and you won’t have to compromise on what you bring. Easily fit your workout clothes, laptop, water bottle, yoga mat, headphones, shower gear, and towel plus shoes!

#4 – The CORE 2.0

gym bag for crossfit

The CORE is a stylish black option among the crossfit gym bags. This bag is medium-sized, fitting everything you need without getting too bulky or heavy. The sleek design makes it look smaller than it is and ensures that it won’t look out of place with even a business suit. When the bag is full, its medium size means that it is still comfortable in your arms and lightweight. The strap is soft material while the back features leather padding for added comfort.

The interior of the bag is incredibly spacious and features a large zippered pocket that ensures valuables stay organized. There is also a convenient vented and expandable pocket perfect for holding your sweaty or dirty clothes after a workout. The exterior water bottle pocket comes in handy for staying hydrated and there is an exterior pocket with a magnetic closure to store your phone. The large front zipper is ideal for items you need quickly, such as keys or headphones. There is even an interior padded pocket for 15-inch laptops and tablets. As a bonus, the bag is easy to clean, includes a shoe bag, and resists both water and odors.

#5 – King Kong Giant Kong Large 1000D

colorful gym bags

This is another gym bag made from extremely tough nylon, specifically 1000D. That particular nylon is a military specification, proving its durability. The bag can hold an impressive 16.6 gallons, more than enough for everything you need to take to the gym and work, plus some. The bag measures 13 by 13.5 by 22 inches and features double-stitched seams so it can withstand the weight of being full. The shoulder strap clasps are heavy duty and the carry strap closure has an innovative magnet for convenience. The bag can fit everything you need, but will still fit in the typical gym locker, provided you don’t overpack it.

You can get this bag in a total of seven different colors, including red, pink, digital camo, charcoal, camo, blue, and black. This allows for plenty of customization. There is a dual shoe compartment design that has more than enough room for runners or lifting shoes. This area is also fully water-resistant so you can also use one of the two shoe compartments to store wet towels without worry. In fact, the entire bag has this 1000D water-resistant nylon to protect your gear from surprise rainstorms and more.

#6 – Datsusara Gear Mini Crossfit Gym Bag

good stylish bags for gym

In the search for the best CrossFit gym bags, this option from Datsusara is an excellent choice. It has a total of ten pockets that are perfect for organization, letting you keep everything you need in its own designated spot so you can find gear in seconds. The bag measures 10 by 18 by 9 inches, making it smaller than some so you don’t have to worry about it getting too heavy or fitting in your gym locker. This bag is constructed from hemp, a material that is four times as strong as cotton and has antimicrobial qualities. It is also an eco-friendly material.

To give you peace of mind and help with your investment, this bag comes with a three-year warranty. It also includes a nylon bag so you can store your wet clothes following a workout without worrying about them getting your clean items dirty. The bag may be small, but you can easily fit two pairs of shoes along with your phone, keys, headphones, chalk, and additional gear. Because of the antimicrobial qualities, the bag won’t smell either. The bottom panel is made from reinforced 1000D polyester.

#7 – KomalC 21 Inch U Zip Duffel Holdall Travel Sports

crossfit bag that is useful for gym

For those in search of a CrossFit bag they can also use for other things, like weekend trips, this is an excellent option. It is made from Hunter buffalo leather and the lining is made from high-quality canvas. In fact, the bag is hand-crafted by artisans for a unique and sturdy touch. The vintage appearance ensures your bag is unique. It uses YKK metal zippers of the highest quality for durability.

The bag measures 21 by 10 by 9 inches, more than large enough for shoes, workout gear, and more. There are also two large side zipper pockets perfect for smaller items plus two external long zippered pockets ideal for documents, keys, headphones, or your gym membership card. Use the internal zipper pocket to store valuables. The shoulder strap is adjustable as well as removable and includes padding for comfort. The bag also holds its shape well and has room for a laptop if you need to go to work right after hitting the gym.

Features that make The Best Crossfit Gym Bag?

When selecting the best CrossFit gym bags, you will want to look for a few important features. Other than these, the rest will depend on your personal style and taste.

Size Of The Bag

One of the very first things you need to think about when it comes to your gym bag is how much space you really need. Ideally, you should go with the smallest bag that holds everything as this will eliminate the desire to bring extra items along, making it heavier. It is also easier to carry small bags and they take up less room when not in use. That being said, be honest with yourself when you think about how much room you need. If you want to put a full week of clothes, gym shoes, toiletries, makeup, a hair dryer, and everything you need for work, you’ll need a sizable bag.

Separate Shoe Compartment

An issue for anyone who hits the gym regularly is trying to make sure your shoes don’t stink up your clean clothes and your workout bag itself. That is why the best bags will have a separate compartment for shoes. At the very least, they should include a shoe storage bag. Ideally, the shoe compartment will be vented so the air flow can reduce the smell.

Other Compartments

The best CrossFit gym bags will have everything you need to stay organized in terms of various compartments and pockets. They should at least have a small pocket with a secure closure that can hold your keys, headphones, gym membership card, and phone so you don’t have to dig for these items. Some bags have close to a dozen compartments for organization, including padded areas for laptops. You just have to decide how much organization you need.


The most common materials for gym bags include canvas, nylon, and leather. Of these, leather is the most expensive, but also the most professional-looking, making it ideal for those who will take their bag to the office. Canvas and nylon bags are more affordable but can be just as sturdy. Depending on the bag you choose, they may also look very nice and work-appropriate. Just remember that cheap nylon bags will last the shortest amount of time of these options, so opt for high-quality nylon, leather, or canvas if you want a long-lasting bag.


The average gym bag will have an over-the-shoulder strap, but you should still pay attention to the various options. Do you want handles as well as the over-the-shoulder-strap? Don’t forget to consider the material of the straps and their comfort level as well. Ideally, the straps will have at least mild padding so a full bag doesn’t cause the strap to dig into your skin.

Care Instructions

Before buying your chosen gym bag, don’t forget to look at the care instructions as well. Some bags will be machine-washable while others will suggest spot cleaning them with a damp cloth. Know if you have a preference and buy accordingly; you don’t want to ruin an expensive, high-quality bag by throwing it in the washing machine.


All that’s left to do is figure out which of the best CrossFit gym bag options mentioned above is right for you. Consider what you want to carry in it, how much organization you need, and your style preferences. Then order your bag and start keeping your workout gear organized.

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